Conjoined-twins question for the LB legal experts

They each have individual driving licences, but if they got pulled over for speeding, who would get the fine/points etc?Abby controls the pedals and has a taste for speed, and Brittany - who is more careful and likes to drive slower - controls the indicators, lights and half of the steering.

If one got disqualified, would the other automatically get disqualified as well?

According to Wikipedia, they plan to visit the UK, so they can have a chance to use the opposite controls. 45-minute documentary below.

I have nothing but admiration for these girls. No one knows how things work out, but they do. I really hope they do come here, that they are treated like any other people, that they enjoy their visit, and that they want to return.

Well I am no legal expert, and this is a particularly complicated case. I would expect, knowing the British legal system, that they would both get a speeding ticket and points and if one was disqualified from driving then the other one wouldn’t be able to drive, since both take part in the driving…

I suppose the prosecution would argue that the speeding offence is committed by a person not by a vehicle and the fact that there is only one vehicle between two people is not relevant. Both people were speeding, and driving, and therefore liable for a speeding ticket regardless of how many vehicles were involved.


Wow - more than anything I admire their irrepressible positivity from that video. I guess they may be very different in many ways, yet never alone.