Just wanted to say Congratulations to my friend/work colleague R6Deano on pasing his DAS this morning! Now he can shut up about it & we can get on with our work

Ride safe Deano

Only just done his DAS? I thought he was the one pulling the wheelies in the vid links you put up.

Ello by the way, long time no see, have been away a while.

Noooo thats R1Deano

Im good thanks SV, u doing ok???

Aye not bad. Been too busy of late. Can’t wait for the xmas break.

Dont really get a xmas break here, but still looking forward to my few days off

Congratulations Deano, ride safely

Well done Deano, safe and happy riding.

Congrats to him, hopefully see him tearing up loughton high street!

Dunno about tearing up the high street just yet, he kinda went off up the road very slowly

well when the weather picks up

Well done deano keep it up right its slippy out there

Well Done Kidda…stay safe and enjoy !!

Well done Deano…now your a man you can join the club…

thats full of women!!! and a few chaps!!

Thanks!! Will look out for ya Anil, although dont plan on riding much while weather like it is! Will come to the meets now!! See you peeps soon!!