Congratulations to Chuffster!

Brands Hatch 28th-30th July…

Two 8th positions on Saturday

Yesterday finished 7th in the first race and…

4th in the last race

Well done

Blinding result Chuffster, job well done! Man, I wish I could have been there to see it, but I had too many things needed doing at home this weekend. I bet you’re chuffed eh? Looking forward to the race-report.

Mate… I saw yr last ride… Top Job dude… looked like you were enjoying yrself there…

Thanks for the lift down to the Paddock on thursday…


Nice one. I was there briefly on Saturday (for a couple of hours), got a couple of Oli, but didn’t realise which bike was Chuffster until the end of second race (d’oh). Busy, busy weekend though (in-laws were down) so I’m still sorting them…

Yeah well done mate, it looked pretty easy which is always a good sign.

Pity the bike was playing up or more trophies could’ve been up for grabs

Top Banana…

Id like to come and see ya doing ya stuff one day.

Well done mate! You looked quicker and smoother and the results showed that. The bad start in an earlier race was a pain but watching you fight your way through the field was fun, i was glued to the racing!

y’all checked the gallery?

Well done mate. I see they gave you a glass, or should I say tin, to put your Fosters in

Nicely done, and all with the bike not on top form

Jay… you need a “Kick ass” emoticon

Well done Rich it was a good weekend especially the fourth place at the end. Two best rookie of the day trophies as well.

And Andrew there are 24 races a day not 14.


You know, I thought that. But then thought, no that can’t be right !!

Well done fella! Top stuff.

Congratulations Cuffster

What a result - shame I couldn’t be there to see you get the trophies - many more to come I’ve no doubt

Quality…Chuff the Stuff …Happy Dayz !!!


Quality results mate, that’s some performance.

Apparently, bike probs too, what a bummer - coulda bin 1st!

Hope you enjoyed your celebrations

Congratulations, am so jealous. Am not quite ready yet to go on a race track, but hope to go for the first one later this year.

Major Congrats Chuffster !!!

Great news and I was pleased to be there to see it in action.

Here are some photo’s I was able to snatch.