Congestion charge in London

I’m riding into London tomorrow (I have to go through a congestion charge area) and have seen that bikes are exempted from this fee.
However do I have to register anywhere or can I just ride in and ride out of the congestion charge area as I please?

ride in and out as you please

Bikes are exempt :slight_smile:

for now !!!

Just to avoid any confusion for you: no need to register either, you can just ride in/out, and shake it all about.

Watch out for bus lanes too, in case you don’t already know - you can legally ride in a lot of them. You just need to look for the bus lane signs that include a motorbike symbol, and off you go.

Also, you may have heard a little rumour that you have to pay for parking in Westminister :wink:

If you will be stopping have a look at the boundary map

If its not too far from where you want to be, just park in a road right on the edge and it’ll usually be free.
Finding a space is a different issue though if you’re after 9ish.

Westminster Council Car Parks are free for bikes; It’s a little known fact that there is an enormous, almost empty bike parking area on the 6th floor (down) of Queensway car park (as well as one just inside the entrance). Could some more of you start using it, otherwise they’ll take it away again…

Also, as red routes are run by TFL, not the local council - bike bays in red routes in Westminster are free.

you could use the bus lanes too, if the zone gets too congested ;):smiley:

can motorcyclists use all the bus lanes in central london?

i remember there being one in crystal palace which doesnt allow bikes


only enter the one’s that have the motorcycle sign on them like this

If there’s no motorcycle sign but is outside the restriction times stated then your ok to ride in them.

Hope this helps.

But I don’t ride a 1991 Triumph Speed Twin with an Avon or Craven fairing.

Can I still use the bus lane?

I have to go to NW1 5RA - Old Marylebone Road next week.

Does anyone know that area? Is there free free parking for motorbikes?

Just check out it’ll give you all the info on Bike spaces and whether they are paying or free

That postcode is Camden. But check any signs where you park. It is not straightforward as the border between Westminster and other boroughs is not well marked.

We think that road is the border -certainly anything immediately South of it is Westminster, as we think is the left hand lane of it (going East to West). Certainly buildings on that side with NW1 postcodes are in Westminster. :unsure:

I’m still not clear about this congestion fine/parking business.

When I park, I turn my bike 90 degrees to the parked car, this way the cameras can’t see my number plate parallel to the cars.

I presume they aren’t advanced enough to have rotation control, and Westminster cyborgs will need to come to manually administer
a ticket.

Is this wrong?

Even if it is, I haven’t had a ticket for a few months…

You’ve probably been lucky, the cyborgs are out in massed gangs some days:w00t:

theres loads of parking wardens in westminster, see lots checking bike bays…real people:w00t::smiley:

tho while im working sometimes i’ve had no choice but to chance it, theres been a few times i’ve spotted teh warden , spoke to them and they have stood by my bike so no other wardens ticket me!! seriously! so long as im gone for no more than 5 m:)ins! in and out…helpfull for couriers, just be polite to em, makes a change from them getting shouted at i spose!
yup, t

Well I don’t leave it for very long…

Has anyone actually got a parking fine, since the parking charges were levied?