Why the f*ck have we not got a Stolen bike section?saw smiled move a stolen bike into general maybe cos it will get read a bit more, so if we had stolen bike section it problem solved :smiley:

already ahead of ya chop cocker…;)…

pm sent.

I think that is more likely to get ignored personally. I don’t often go through all sections of the forum, I usually just read through general chat, so outside of that I don’t really see anything else…

As much as I’d like to see a stolen forum, this is a fair point, many people only look at general on LB. What about a sticky thread in General that gets added to each time a bike is reported stolen, and maybe a map showing locations?
Though thinking about it, LB doesn’t flag up unread posts as new (AFAIK).

i use to do that but all i do now is click on recent posts so shows you all new posts/threads etc since last you been on.

Smiled, your a cheeky fooker, lol. if we get 1 could there be some kind of falshing thing to show new thread/biek stolen?

smiled dude - could you think about adding a hot zone sub-forum - so people can post up sightings of dude’s scoping / attempting to thieve as well?

we could get a geotagged map going to show where the current hottest spots for thieves are.

would take a bit of work to maitain, but i’m sure there are members who would volunteer to help - i certainly would - this is real world, outside of the forum, where real bikes are stolen from real people, so if a little effort is required to get something like this going, it should be the members as much as the mods who help out - it affects all of us.