I picked up a few new bits for the 525 exc yesterday at the KTM dealer in Croydon and while I was there thought it would be a good idea to get oil and filters, I asked the guy “can I have oil and filters for a 2006 525 exc please” a few minutes tapping his PC key board and he replies “what year?” “2006” i reply, a bit more keyboard tapping and he then asked “what bike?” I’m getting pi$$ed off now but calmly reply “it’s a 2006…525…exc” bit more tapping and he ask’s “can you bring the bike down so I can see it” I’m now thinking I’ve given him the wrong bike details so agree and leave the shop and to return with the bike once the wheels are back next week.

So I get home and check it’s a 2006 525 exc and it is! so I don’t understand why he didn’t find the oil and filters, surly other 525 exc owners have bought oil and filter from there.

So, I doubt I’ll be going back there so where can I get oil and filters for my bike in SE London or can I order online with delivery?

Sometimes the bikes year of manufacter and year of sale are different…which still confuses the hell out of me:D

Either a new staff or just a useless c0nt cos 2000 to 2006 use same filters and recomeneded oil. Bracken was a bit like that too and most time they’d turn the computer screen to me and I’d show them the parts I wanted lol.
Always order from jim aim racing & order before lunch usually next day day delivery + there more helpfull.

As a matter of passing interest what oil did they sell you and how much did you pay for it?I usually buy air and oil filters off ebay just coz it’s easy, prolly no cheaper tham Aim’s tho. Although whenever I buy other stuff mail order - I swear by Redline, been using them for years ever since Br:w00t:cken p1ssed me off - I usually get them to chuck in a couple of filters and the occasional spark plug.

(Bracken were always sh1t, imho)

Got a link to the place please?

Google? :Whistling:

I did but just used AIM racing, kept getting an American cart place!

Just tried Jim Aim racing and got it. :w00t:

That’s better, 5 mins on the phone to Jim Aims and oil & filters sorted for Monday.

Ever have any other technical questions or problems ask these guys Jason has been very helpful to me. Never brought a thing from them and i even got a free t-shirt :smiley: Although thats cause he has got me on the screen saver, well atleast used to not sure if he still does, and well he told me and MD we could have one when we was at the KTM photo shoot

I assume your talking about InMoto in Croydon.
I went there a couple of times with the superduke, and I thought they were good, but I think they’re more a street bike place. I’ve seen 690 enduros etc in there, but never any of the exc line.
There’s a KTM off-road dealer in Kingston I believe that is supposed to be quite good.

And I was always treated well at Bracken, never had to deal with the kid that ran the parts bit though. I was sad to see them go :frowning:

they dont stock any off-road bikes so i could see where the problem would arise

ive never had any probs with them and always find them more than helpful.

even got a real good offer for a two bike px on a 690 smc :cool:

desigions desigions

My favourite KTM shop is in Hemel Hampsted (just outside M25) , all maintenance parts in stock, they also send parts next day delivery, if you order on the phone.

Very helpful, once before track day I wanted to buy R&G crash protectors, rear set wasn’t in stock and I was offered set from Mark’s bike in case my set wasn’t in shop in time :cool:

To help you decide let me mention 2 years warranty and servicing every 4500 miles and still wheelie like mad :wink:

i know its so very tempting :slight_smile:

but i like to sleep on it for a wile

I’m sure they’d let you test ride one but don’t think they’d go as far as letting you sleep on a 690smc :smiley:

yep they get a few demo bikes in end of feb :slight_smile: