I seem to be going through a lack of confidence stage. not to point i drive like an indecisive idiot but actually getting out there. i do like being on my scooter but feel really small and this dosent help,i want to get my das so i can be on something bigger.i need my own transport but hate the idea of a car. ever since i was rear ended i have had this and i thought i could work through it…and just to help things i just came out of relationship…:frowning: crap eh !

any helpfull pointers would be much appreciated guy’s & gal’s


Sorry to hear that Richard. But I’m sure it will pass.

I have days when I feel quite down about my riding. Just like confidence in general, my riding, seems to rely on my overall mood - so if I’m unhappy or frustrated, riding won’t be as much of a pleasure and therefore I tend to not be as confident.
When I feel that I’m not riding well, I just take a deep breath, get through it and then examine what I thought I did wrong when possible.

Going on well organised ride outs with some like minded people helped me; as did having my questions answered on LB.

In the recent Rider’s Digest, there is an article about how smiling :D:D:D can actually help improve riding as even when you force a smile, it triggers the body to release endorfins (I think) which, apart from improving your mood, sharpen you up a little. This could all be nonsense though!

Remember - ’ If you don’t know, don’t go!

This sort of thing is common after being pranged. My advice is to go out when it it quiet and do some miles around roads you know; also, consider having a refresher from your local school or whoever is doing your DAS, on your own bike.

It will pass, stay with it mate…

get her as your pillion :wink:

I’d pillion her:):):slight_smile:

Mate it’s all about how you feel, I had 3 accidents due to my stupidity or someone elses. Nnot sure if if you wanna see this but this was my 2nd accident:

happened at Redbridge Roundabout, I gotta pass this roundabout every day twice and I never think about it or have flashbacks, I couldn’t afford to. All I could do was to get back on the road and get my confidence up and try not to put myself in the same situation. It also helps if you can ride with other people, go on rideouts… your confidence will go up because you are not alone on the road and you will be having more fun.

+1 Try and find some quiet roads and just ride around, then build up to the busier ones.Your confidence will soon pick up.Don’t give up, if you do you’ll never make that bigger bike.When you do make it, make sure it’s a v-twin:D

It might help to also think about has happened and what you could have doen differently. Although the accident may be completly someone else’s fault, that doesn’t mean that you can’t reduce your risk of a repeat by changinging something such as your positioning, the amount of space you leave in front of you, your use of mirrors, the visibility of your clothing or your bike etc.

How about trying or ?

They will help you (cheaply, and in one day) with road positioning and confidence (things that you mention are spooking you a little). Admitting that you’re going through a problematic patch is a good first step, and good on your for that.

I know this might sound negative, but for my money, I wouldn’t think about getting DAS and moving to a bigger bike until you know you can handle your current ride. Safer for you, and safer for me (because I’m on the roads too, and I already see plenty of folks who don’t appear to be able to handle the big bikes they’re riding, and I try to give them a wide berth for my own safety’s sake).

But with a little training, and a little time I’m sure you’ll get there if you want to.

sometimes we all have off days.

those days, its best to just take it easy, and not try and proove anything to yourself. no shame in it :slight_smile:

Don’t let your relationships get in the way of your enjoying your 2 wheels. The ride should be a realease from that.


If I haven’t been on the Bike for a week or more I get like that…feel under confident about my abilities and end up riding like I’ve just got on for the first time. I’m wary about my surroundings, the road, other users, anything that feels different about the bike…it’s terrible. But after a short while of hooning around some nice roads with great bends that allow me to get nice and low, I feel better for it. I get off feeling like I’ve advanced further up the ‘line of experience’ from where I was the week before.

Usually getting out with GM and/or other friends often helps to boost my confidence. Try doing the same. I work 4 on 4 off so if you need a biker buddy to help boost ya confidence then give me a shout.