Confidence Rideout

just thinking about organizing a ride out for people out there who are on L plates,restricted bikes and also new riders.

learning to ride your bike from passing your DAS or CBT is an exiting journey but also a nervous my honest opinion,the way to get comfortable on your bike is road time,the more you have,the more confident you feel.

I am no way a professional instructor or the like,i have just been riding bikes a long time and have had many experiences that ive lern’t from.

i propose to draw up a route that is not challenging,no motorways,and at a very comfortable speed.

i also would like riders to feel comfortable on being in a group so an example of group riding techniques will also be explained and put into practice along the way.

i think it will be a good day out as we will be there to all ride together,no matter what your experience.

this is just a post to see if theres any interest at the moment…as soon a s we have 5 people sign up,i’ll draw up a route and a date and time.

thanks all


Great idea.

Cheers Smiled - I will be up for that - depending on the date though as spare time is something I’m a bit short of (I’m on a restricted bike).

There was a very nice learner legal rideout last spring. We went to Brighton on a gorgeous sunny day. I would be happy to help out etc.

m8 i`l be up for this

a chance to strech the legs on me runner200 would need a date so i can arrange it around work although that shouldn`t be a problem.

i would do it , but im not doing my cbt untill the end of april

I would be up for that, need to know the date though :slight_smile:

Count me in Shane, sounds my kinda ride :smiley:

Happy to be tail-gunner, observer, whatever if required. An excellent idea - we should make sure there are regular learner-legal rides, so well stood up to the plate mate! :smiley:

Count me in please!

Ello Shane, I would love to help out if I can mate.

Let me know.

Good idea Shane, if you need any help, I’m happy to help out (if I’m free that weekend, got a few trips planned to far off lands over the coming months)

Excellent idea Shane, let me know if you need some help, I’m more than happy to tootle along at a sensible speed to help those less experienced. :smiley:

great stuff guys…:D.

what i’ll do is plan a route within this week and post it up.then i’ll ride/recce the route myself then make a date for a few weeks in advance so that everyone can give there best efforts to try and make it…

thanks to the guys who wanna help out…i will add names to a big list;).,but will restrict it to only a few as we want the higher numbers to be mostly less experienced…lol…

fishface,what date is your CBT hun?..we might just wait for you ya know;).

as i mentioned before,this will be a very comfortable paced ride,with many fuel stops and fag breaks…so please dont feel that you’ll need to struggle to keep up…

well i’ll get planning asap and in the meantime,if anyone has a few dates in mind,please feel free to leave a post…i’ll try my best to do what i can…:D.

thanks guys…and hope ur all as exited as i am…


Count me in mate help out or what ever ya want :smiley:

sounds great shane count me in mate:D

ooo me, me me! pick me!!
sounds like a brilliant idea. as much as i want to lose my L’s i do need to build up more confidence on the bike.

cheers shane :smiley:

Looks like you have enough help already mate, but if you need anymore, be happy to :slight_smile:

Great idea Shane - like Terry already said , it seems you already have enough offerd of help but I would love to help out if you need me !! - failing that I may just stick some L plates on the Gixxer and " mingle " :stuck_out_tongue:

Great idea, if you need a hand let me know and I’ll also get some Unity Support Riders to lend a hand, if you need them.