Concerned about licence pre-test. Any advice?

Hi guys,

Quick question.

I’ve got my DAS all of next week, but I’ve just realised my provisional licence has my old address on it.

Will this stop me doing the test and getting my licence?
If I apply to change my licence, and it doesn’t arrive in time, will my current licence be disabled on the database or some such thing?

What my best course of action? I’m panicking!

Thanks for your help guys and gals.

I just heard from someone that they ask you if any details have changed when you pass your test, and you can notify them at that point. Anyone know if that’s true?

Don’t panic…

On the bottom of your licence counter-part is a space to write your new address.

Fill it in, and when you pass your Module 2, the examiner will take your licence, and a new one, with your Category A entitlement and new address will be posted to you…

Thank you very much for confirming Iggy. Since you are an instructor, I know I can stop freaking out now!

Time to focus on passing!

Yep, I did my DAS a couple of months after moving house so the address was wrong.

i think there’s a grace period so fill in the bottom bit with your new address & tell them you’ve recently moved house - that’s exactly what i did.

Dr Placebo, a name from the past! How are you? Is that old bike of yours still tied up in Muswell Hill??:w00t:

Cheers Monkimark! Good to know.

Haha, no Jetstream. Long gone, and CBT expired. Time to try and pass DAS… scary!

No worries… Good luck with the DAS.

Feel free to PM me if you need help with anything.