Computer help wanted

I’m a total technophobe  so on purchasing a new laptop I paid curry’s for their anything happens type policy so when the thing started getting slower and slower 'til it finally just sat there in trying to start, I took it in they said nothing was mechanically wrong only way to fix it was to do a “factory reset”.

So thankfully everything was on an separate memory box thing so OK.   Now as my resident computer person is not on leave now for another couple of months I need some help but please any advice would need to be of the 1/turn it on now 2/ press this etc. basis.

Problem “Can’t Install iTunes”

So got laptop back loaded AVG, Office365 etc. added wireless printer all ok really pleased with myself, found download for iTunes and did that but it won’t let me install.  looked at their trouble shoot page mentioned something about a .dll file (what ever that is) that would need to be deleted as this could be stopping the install but if it had been reset would this file still be hanging around and if so where?.

I’d appreciate any advice.

Ooh it also did a big windows 10 update whilst loading all the other stuff!


right-click on the installer and click “run as administrator” if it has that option

Thanks me_groovy but the file sort of runs automatically with prompts asking if you want Apple to make changes etc.  Can you access a separate installer?? 

Just a thought, is the computer old? If so you may just want to pick up a new one. The operating systems take a huge toll on the computer, especially if it came with a much older version. Even a relatively low cost option could work well. Is the computer old?

Have you installed all the windows updates? Do this.

Can you give us the exact error message?

Yes I have installed all window updates. The exact message is “The installer has encountered a problem please try again later or press finish to close” done loads of times.  The laptop is about a year old!

search the computer for any folders called itunes. delete them. 

That’s a generic Windows message you see after the installer has finished. Anything before that?

Yea if it’s a year old it should be absolutely fine. I’d just bring it back into currys or wherever and have them reinstall the OS

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou pictures I can usually follow pictures they tend to make sense.  It was “run as administrator” that did it. Couldn’t work out where to right click until the pics told you total duffus. All installed xx

So basically that’s the first thing me_groovy said :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s almost as if I work in IT support

it's almost as if I work in IT support
Have you tried turning it off and on again?  :D

Yes I’m aware it was what me-groovy said first but it didn’t help because I didn’t know where to right click until the pics. LOL!  Thankyou again me_groovy you just didn’t realize how bad I am, which is why IT support at work just visit if I have a problem and not explain over the phone see total duffus I know my limits!!!

Kevsta    What you can turn it off 8o0!!!

it's almost as if I work in IT support
You poor bastard :(

IT support’s being pretty good to me, this is me at work:


Tbf, the onboard computers in those things can be a little tricky…

I like the fan club you got watching too.  Bitches be lovin the IT guy, right?

Tricky is quite right! This is my favourite control, but from the gladiator


Ouch!  You had to be proper committed in those days, didn’t you!

Tricky is quite right! This is my favourite control, but from the gladiator
I always knew you liked tugging emergency cock