Computer Case + PSU

I’ve had this sitting here in my room for a few months now…

As you can see it has a 500W PSU still inside it.


Still going? Does it support all the SATA gubbings and shizz? ATX2 is it?

I really need a new unit (got sold one with a 200w power supply, can’t upgrade it at all).

If that Bztard doesn’t want it I might be interested.

Still available. Not sure about ATX2, PSU just says ATX…

hi if possible can the guy with the cruiser and green led’s have if off you please

hes unable to login here

Sure, it’s still available! Collection only though…

hi could you pm your mobile, or i can pm you his


many thanks for your number i have passed it onto him via facebook

well i’ll have this bugger andy, can pick up this week bud

Ahhh, it’s gone now :frowning:

I have another one available, no PSU but a motherboard, an ATi X1900XT, not sure the CPU in it, but a nice big Zalman fan sat on top of it and two sticks of PC3200 512mb RAM.

Can sell as one unit, or parts separately.

Would be happy with £50 for the whole thing. Just needs a PSU and a HDD and it should work fine.

I’ll try and get some picks up later.

ahhh sh1t

yea, lets have a gander, i just need the case as i want to upgrade from my phenom 2 / ATI HD5500 GC and 4gb ddr2 MEM

i want an i7 / 16gb DDR3 mem/ GC…dunno…but a fast one to run FSX


Heres a pic of it at the moment!

Do that with your frikkin ipad! :hehe:


If you’re still looking for a case, I’ve got one sitting here that’s surplus to requirements - have been meaning to (re)build a desktop for myself, but haven’t gotten round to it.

It’s an XBLADE one, similar to this one, but just all in silver.

More than happy for it to go to a good home! :slight_smile:

OOooo…that looks tidy…how much?

Have PM’d you :slight_smile: