Compulsory pit stops for next motogp

Imagine, half the fuel weight needed and there’ll be less getting stuck behind another rider

And also there will be more team working…
definitely more challenging :wink:

that was an extraordinary race.

the only thing i’m gonna say, a monkey can count to ten. :wink:

Actually quite an ejoyable race I thought. All those millions to win a championship, you’d think they could afford to hire someone who can count to 10…

Honda put all the budget into remote control seagulls this year, the counting man was lost in the cutbacks…

Well it was certainly entertaining TV whether or not is was a good race is a different matter :unsure: One thing though, when Lorenzo collided with Marquez following his pit stop was I seeing things or did Lorenzo loose his footpeg, the close-ups seemed to show it being missing but no-one mentioned it during or after the race?

Typical arrogant Pedrosa, in post race interview he was asked about what he did wrong when coming in for his stop, he answered “I did nothing wrong!”


It was certainly a very confusing race, I am still astounded that they got Marquez’s pit stop wrong, poor guy, you can count to ten using your fingers and thumbs :ermm:

To be fair to Pedrosa it was bloody confusing! He didn’t seem to be in the wrong did he? Also at the end everyone was so confused that Rossi believed he may have finished 2nd when they interviewed him!!

Lorenzo lost something from his bike for sure but I doubt it was the footpeg, would be difficult to carry on wouln’t it? I thought a bit of faring maybe? They did mention it at the end of the race when they watched it again.

Yes, not being able to count to 10 is rather unforgivable! Maybe the guy counting came from the Fens :laugh:

Pedrosa went into the pits too fast and was penalised, he was told to drop one place, he did this by loosing a place to Marquez, but Marquez had been penalised already(?) so the confusion was whether or not he should have dropped a place to Cruchlow/Rossi or not, whatever I think Dorna got the result they wanted :wink:

I take it they discussed the lost of parts on Lorenzo’s bike in the later replay? But whatever came off was metallic looking and shiny, on the in-race SloMo close-ups (which I slowed even further) the left peg wasn’t visible (to me) and he looked to be using the peg connector to anchor his foot on, but as I said no one else seems to have mentioned it so I’m probably mistaken. He certainly wouldn’t bee the first to finish a race with a missing peg though :cool:


Rossi done it. :wink:

but i think it could have been a toe slider.

It’s not the easiest thing to be counting laps when your out there racing. That’s for your team on pit wall to sort out with the pit board.
I think honda tried it on as mentioned in commentary, their pit garage wasn’t situated after the line so technically they still did the 10 laps as required yet was deemed to be unsporting and not within the rules they laid down prior to the race.

As for the clash between Marques and Lorenzo after the pit stop, Marques did look to see the track was clear however when you have bikes approaching at over 200mph they will soon appear from over the hill very very quickly. When he looked the track was clear then he had to get back up to speed from the pit lane limit.

Neither points I felt were Marques fault but we are in for some fun at the next two rounds and if it all comes down to Valencia omg it’s going to be fireworks lol

After the protector for Dani’s TC cable, honda have made an upgrade to Marc’s bike:


Shows that Honda were expecting him in at the end of lap 10 as per the regs, and also shows the state of the tyre coming off after the 11 laps he completed