Compulsary exess

“Anything yellow or green* is rightly regarded as highly undesirable and insurers are duty bound to price them off the streets”

Luke - if you look behind you…you will see a big key :wink:

Just an FYI - the excess insurance policy won’t be available to everyone, like most insurances it’s built to meet certain criteria so don’t be disappointed when they say they are unable to offer it.

Bike Devil are the guys who do it - they’re a subsiduary of MCE built specifically for the nil excess policies.

Yeah, yellow and green bikes attract a hefty premium and are best avoided. Blue bikes are much cheaper to insure…plus they look nicer. :stuck_out_tongue:

Same goes for cars, paints, furniture, clothes. The only thing cheaper in yellow and green are football shirts…cos no one wants them cos they are worn by inbred six fingered sister chasers :smiley:

Happy to help :smiley:

ps. Don’t listen to anything Hels or Rixxy have to say on the matter. As Naaarfolk descendants. their genes have been systematically inter bred for centuries, leaving them unable to post on such topics without bias or denial. They are though the lucky ones, the ones who escaped over the border and out of the clutches of their uncles/brothers* Having now been set free, they now do normal things which no longer involve sheep, gimp masks or their siblings. Sadly the scars of their up bringing do linger on but it’s best to be sympathetic to their condition.

*same person :w00t:


Try Ebike insurance. My exes was little

Third Party Only is quite often more expensive than Third Party Fire & Theft because (a) insurers regard people buying TPO as being at a higher risk of making a claim than those buying TPF&T, and (b) TPO is a pretty niche product these days as hardly anyone buys it so they use some weird underwriting criteria. I only went for Fully Comp as it was about £18 more expensive than TPF&T, though my excess is about £600 I think, so unless I write the bike off, I’m pretty much going to be paying for any damage out my own pocket anyway.

Central London parking - scrapes and cracked fairings are inevitable in bike bays. One guy I know has a clear vinyl wrap over his fairings to protect them from the minor scrapes… but his bike has still picked up plenty of scrapes :angry: