Compulsary exess

Just getting some insurance quotes - £800 compulsory excess!

Is that a lot? It sounds like a lot to me!

So If someone hits me and they claim on my insurance I have to pay £800 plus the voluntary of £300 to validate my insurance?

that does sound alot think i pay 230 fully comp and about 400/500 pound excess with MCE

“So If someone hits me and they claim on my insurance I have to pay £800 plus the voluntary of £300 to validate my insurance?”

If someone hits you & they are at fault, in theory, you will get your excess back.
(If you’re really lucky & they dont contest liability, you may not have to pay any excess)

no if someone hits you then you claim of their insurance they only pay their excess and their insurance pays for anything else
if you crash into someone else you pay the excess only

well thats my understanding

£800 compulsory is alot. Of course it depends on your riding experience, previous accidents, bike you are insuring and area you live in…etc
They must deem you a fair risk to ask that much…

my excess is £150 my insurance is £110 FC

I don’t understand,

When I was knocked off my 125, I claimed and so did he, it took a three two court battle to settle - I won 100%. I did not at any point have to pay an excess - maybe my policy didn’t have one (cant remember!)?

My point is, in any accident, the person who hits you will claim against your insurance, even if its completely their fault right? Just like what happened with my 125 crash?

I added me having ten years experience driving on the moneysavingexpert quote thingy and the insurance came down to 250 a year TPFAT from he 750 its at with my inexperience. However, even with the hypothetical future experience the compulsory is STILL £800!!

I have insured my excess for £25 with MCE, so I won’t pay a penny.

Any idea what is making my insurance so high in the first place?

You can insure your excess?

Welcome to London :smiley:
Don’t park in London if you don’t want to pay the excess :wink:

Really? You mean some moron might knock into a parked motorbike?!

You mean the 40th scooter squeezing into a 5 bike bay. Yea maybe :stuck_out_tongue: buy a shitter and commute.

The only thing that I can guarantee is that the only way your bike isn’t damaged by another in a bay is if its stolen before its happened :confused:

I think mine was £500 or something. If the value of the Compulsory + Voluntary excess is greater than the bike you may as well go 3rd party only.

third party only is more expensive than third party fire and theft

How does that work!

I’ve never done that before and this year my excess was high (£800) so I also paid to insure my excess.

Bike stolen and thankfully all sorted with no excess to pay - well worth the £25 !!

Do you both get special rates? I got charged £50 for that! :frowning:

I’ll double check but I’m sure mine was only £25 or there abouts. No special cops rates either.

Anything yellow or green* is rightly regarded as highly undesirable and insurers are duty bound to price them off the streets.

Blue or white is much nicer :smiley:


(*Naaridge = 6 fingered sister shagging inbreds)

Whats wrong with the color? If the bike was red it would be cheaper to insure? Really? Should I paint it?

Didn’t realise you can insure your excess with MCE. I think mine is like 800 as well so i’ll get that sorted at the next renewal! Thanks!