Completley lost it

Hi all,

Recently there was a post somewhere about a few people meeting up every so often, having a chilled night in the garage helping each other learn about maintaining our bikes.

Where was that post?

And, has anything been arranged yet?

I have no idea about changing the oil, tightening my chain… the best I can do it lube stuff…

That was me pixie. I was planning on organising something for this week (ie tonight), but have now got plans so hadn’t finalised anything.

Also, would rather do it when its a bit warmer cos its a tiny garage, no lights or anything, so things need to happen outside. I’ll keep an eye on weather for next week, and provisionally chalk Thursday into your diary, and we’ll see what’s up eh…

Others welcome too if you want, but like I said, outdoors, no power and only one rear stand. So this ISN’T like a major “tools supplied” operation. Originally suggestions was for a communal get together and “a bit of maintenance” which is the best it can be.

I’ll keep you all posted

Cheers Tobe,

I’ll get ya back to groping, spanking and licking me

Phew, and I thought we were just going to be tightening some nuts…


Ermmm…Tobes…Does this garage have electricity…Erm to like power a camcorder

You could always observe & write a story about it

Ya not heard of batteries? lol

If there are a few interested in this i might be able to persuade me mum to let us use the rear garden, if ya want? will have to be during day/weekend poss and obviously not too many people. saying that there is room outside gate.

I would be interested

Absolutely clueless, having to go around to a mates tonight for them to check it all out.