Completely random thread unconnected to bikes

Ok folks, a question for those of you who watch East Enders. What happens when you arrive back on a Friday night (or a Sat morning in my case, as I have just noted it is 1.28 am - whoops!! ) from a pleasant evening in the Public Houses with one’s bessie mates, to find that you have not only missed East Enders, but also the repeat episode on BBC 3? I keep missing Friday nights episodes and then often go bike riding on Sunday, so cannot catch up with the repeats then. Last Friday I missed a corker - the Ian / Stephen / Lucy triangle. It’s bad enough having to leg it back at top speed from the BM meets on Wednesday to catch Sir Alan at 9pm.

Any advice for an incurable trash TV addict? Should I attach a portable TV to my bike?

Please help:)

bbc i player, u can view programs for 7 days after or something

Try Sky plus, well worth the money :cool:

Plus you don’t have to rush home to watch Sir Alan & then give the plot away to those of us that hadnt seen it yet :Whistling:

You stars!! Have just checked out that link Steve and I can download East Enders from that site onto my PC!! Woo Hoo!!:smiley:

Sky is very tempting - but could mean I never leave the house again, or sit up all night glued to the box - all those channels…:D:P

Just go to bed.

Ahhh yes, but when you are home you have stacks of top stuff to watch :cool:Sky + is the future :smiley: