Completely off topic...

…but my kidney’s have been killing me for the last 2 weeks…apart from laying off the booze which I’m already doing, does anyone know any good cures for de-toxing the buggers so they’ll stop aching…

In fact thinking about this, this is addressed to the girls and Mum’s on here, cos I can’t imagine any of you macho lot on here going, Ooh yeah Toby, Tea Tree Butt Scrub or Lavendar Root Extract will work a treat…

So ladies…any sensible suggestions as to what works for kidneys?

Tobes, have you been to the docs to rule out a kidney infection? - probably a given that you have but gone unnoticed this can hurt in much the same way you have described

that’s what I was worried about, but bein a bloke an all I thought if I just moan about it a lot it would go away!

cranberry juice and lots of water is good for kidneys!!!

I suffer loads of kidney problems since I had a bad fall off my horse. Thats what I always drink and it helps keep it away!!

Any use to you?

from a not-so macho bloke… Milk Thistle is tops for a herbal remedy, but pain for 2 weeks? go see a doc mate…

I dont wanna be a ‘scare-monger’ but I’d say get it checked out asap.

I had the same kinda symptoms & it turned out to be a kidney stone . . . the pain when it moved was pretty much the worse I’ve ever experienced

How can it be off topic when you started the thread

thank you to the ladies, the not so macho blokes, and for the eternal vigilance of Trigger

As a nurse my advice is to see your GP, be ready to provide a sample when you get there

With regard to Cranberry juice it is excellent for the kidneys - if you hate the taste you can buy it in capsules from health food shops

Cheers Debz, pints of Cranberry and uh hum…a small er… treble vodka in each one…Wahey!!!


My Grandad complained about this just before he died. Gawd bless him

A bit of a ‘waterworks problem’ along the lines of cystitis, can be extremely painful but you can get rid of it pretty quickly with drinking lots and lots of water and cranberry juice is also a good thing to go for.

But a kidney infection, caused by a bacterium getting to grips with your bits, is a different issue particularly if it’s been going on for two weeks.

I had one a few months ago and was trying to ward it off with drinking lots of water, no alcohol, no caffeine etc etc, but just got worse and worse. ONE DAY after starting antibiotics I felt much much better, and just the single course fixed the problem.

So go and see the quack, bringing with you a small bottle of wee.

Toby - how are you doing mate?