Completely nuts Chinook-flying skills

This could so easily have gone horribly, horribly wrong…


Those rotors were close to that rampart… If I was asked to duck them to board I would have shat myself - one hit and those shards of rotor would have made those GIs look like they had been in a blender…

Skillful jock for backing in though???

wow. respect.

:blink: bet it wasnt a woman flying that :w00t:

A common exercise for us helicopter pilots.
He was probably eating a doner at the same time… I do.

Also, I may read a book like:
Frankie Boyle’s ‘My sh1t life so far’ whilst waiting.


this is another one i see, the flying is unreal


Thanks Pan :smiley:

British troops would have been told to TAB/Yomp to a decent feckin HLS! :stuck_out_tongue:

Excellent bit of piloting there, and our boys are just as impressive with some of the stuff they can do! :wink:
If you want to see it a bit closer to home, look no further than our very own London Air Ambulance crews! They’re renowned for putting the LAA helicopter into the tightest of spots! :cool: