Complete for summer.

Hi all

Been a member on here for some time but havent really posted up anything.
Anyhow got the bike finished last week and been enjoying the beautiful sun.
Should be able to make some rideouts now!

Opinions welcome

That is sweeeeet!

nice welcome to LB so theres a ride to bognor saturday night all details in the ride out section, get to boxhill for half 5, and your laughing.

come join the rabble

Can I have first refusal on your bike when you sell it please mmmmmm

Very nice. Fresh rubber too!!

sweet 400 is that a tyga tail unit???

That is a serious piece of kit details?

Adam, the bike looks great!! Wow, I’m impressed. I love it! Welcome to the community for real now! Hope to see you out and about, i.e. Bognor ride, and Cubana!

Adam, that’s a great looking bike mate! I loved it

very nice bike! i love the tail end!!!

Adam thats a great bike…

If you bring it to Bognor or Cubana bring some wet wipes as by the time Jay and co have stopped drooling it will need a wipe down!

adamvfr… Sweet bike you have there mate… Look forward to seeing it at Cubana…