Compilation OF This Years Videos

Well as this year draws to an end and i still dont have the bike back i’ve not managed to do more than the three video’s from earlier in the year so i thought i’d get them posted for your delight :slight_smile:

Now next year i promise.

Ace Breakfast

London 5am

Night Ride ( A2 )


FFS i see suddenly the posting of video’s from you tube isnt going so well even though i did this exactly the same way i did the powerizers on… Grrrr

I’ve edit the post not so it’s just the links if i get the emdedded stuff working i’ll update it ( sorry ) .

Great footage mate, i enjoyed the Ace cafe one as i know the north circ very well.

Ace cafe footage is excellent, nice riding. I dont have the balls to ride like that.

Excellent…I particularly enjoyed the 5 a.m. ride through London!!

Lee- what an excellent present I got this evening…24th Dec 2006…wishing I had the time to ride…what an alternative…!

fantastic footage…excellent music …my favourite to date London 5AM…

…have you managed any using the arm you recently purchased??

have a great christmas Lee



Hello mate,

no i haven’t managed to do any more. the bike has now been off the road for 6 months since the accident so i’d done sweet FA for the rest of the year.

Have no fear however i’m getting a new camera in the new year that’ll record up to 30 Hours in one go so im planning a mammoth session to Spain on timelapse :slight_smile:

In fact the arm will be sold when i get the part back from the insurance company that attaches it to the back rail.

Time lapse- sounds great

I remember the accident and the van driver huridly changing his tyre afterwards!..6 months on…blimy…I too had a tumble on my bike- resulting in 1 broken elbow, £2345 worth of repairs and 09 weeks off the bike, so understand a little of your frustrations.

I saw an excellent R1 video on youtube- where the rider had a swing arm similar? to yours and got some absolutely awsome shots

this may inspire you to think about keeping it

happy christmas Lee- hope you get your bike back soon



These are great, thanks for sharing. Makes me want to get on my bike right now!

Nice films LC.

BTW which camera where you using?

Yes very impressive. Would also like to know how you secure your camera

Thank you for sharing