COMPETITION: Win a pair of Metzeler Roadtec 01 Tyres!

Hey everyone, competition time again!

We’ve teamed up with Metzeler to help promote their brilliant new ROADTEC 01 tyres (which seem perfect for the UK as they’re great in the wet) and what better a way to do that by giving a pair away? One of you lucky people will win a pair for your bike. To enter: reply below telling us what kind of adventure you’d undertake on your bike with the Roadtec 01’s. Best entry wins.

ROADTEC™ 01 is the latest evolution in Metzeler touring tyres, with a focus on enhancing grip on wet and low friction surfaces, an increased mileage and a high degree of adaptability to different motorcycles, riding styles and conditions. The contemporary answer to past and future needs.

Terms & Conditions:
Entry only open to LB members, one entry per member. The tyres will sent to a tyre fitting shop of your choice within the UK (you pay for fitting). The winning entry will be judged by LB and the judges decision is final. The winner will be contacted via Intercom and the result posted here. Submissions accepted up to and including the 17th March 2016 when the winner will be chosen. Tyres will be sent out shortly after. No cash alternative.

If I had a set of these I’d ride around Chelsea, stop for a coffee then go home to clean the bike. What an adventure.

I should get them because I’m going on a 4 day trip to the lakes next month, Ireland in May, Germany in September and maybe the TT in June and they’ll get a good workout. 

I’d consider riding to Scotland to see my old Mum, then scratch that idea and get the ferry to France and load up on plonk instead.

I would see how these hold the roads on the run to Brugge town to purchase the obligatory chocolate cock which will be given to someone who I have not yet decided is one!

I would love to go touring around europe for a while, it is still on the bucket list for me!

Road trip with Franc… will need these tyres to stick just to keep up with him through the Black Forrest and Alsace Mountains in July :slight_smile:

If i were to win a set i would stick them on my KTM Supermoto and go Braaap the BCR route!!!

Braap Braap!!!

Not much of an Adventure but the Back wheel would see some Action!!! (Front may not see too much Tarmac though)

I would attempt to wear them around my middle and roll down the slight gradient at Borough Market, as they do not offer any sizes that match my bikes.

They’re metzelers, not michelins, sorry.

I would ship them to Australia… they’re big enough to have an adventure on their own, without me… 

I would put them on my bike for my daily commute into London from Maldon they would get some serious use

Be  good to see how they stack up against the pilot road tyres I have been using 

I would give them a quick run around the RBLR1000 to give them a decent all weather test.

I would love to have a new pair of tyres for once  … I live on FWR’s part worn tyres with varying degrees of repaired nail holes so to have a new set would be a treat. Yours frugally Kris

I would like a new pair of metzelers so I can resell them and keep funding my heroin habit without having to rob old ladies… cmon this has to be the winner 

I would have a little adventure trying to shoe horn the 110/80 size front on my Fazer which is awkwardly designed for a 110/70 that these Roadtec’s don’t come in. I would begin by spending an afternoon with a cheese grater trimming some of the height off the tyre to fit under my mudguard, whereupon I would use the shavings to garnish a special Rossi Risotto recipe, a dish best served cold to Marquez.  With the 110/80 tyre finally fitted, my speedo should report about 5% under due to difference in diameter. Combined with the 5% error margin on speedo’s, this should mean my bike will go about 10% faster than before and won’t set off any speed camera until I exceed this 10%. The extra speed will keep me popping wheelies and thus stop me wearing down the front tyre and loosing the speed advantage. 

Alternatively, I’d just give them to my wife, she always like new rubber, especially for wet conditions. 

Slippery when wet, Arfa?

My adventure would run thusly.
I am member an elite United States Army Special Forces unit, and was awarded a Medal of Honour for my service in the Vietnam War.
I would be searching for my friend, and would soon learn that he has died from cancer due to Agent Orange exposure.
I would soon be spotted by the town’s sheriff, Will Teasle, who quickly drives me out of town.
I head back into town immediately, to Teasle’s dismay, who arrests me.
I am generally non-compliant with the officers at the station, and was beaten and harassed by a man named Art Galt which causes me to have flashbacks of my experiences during the Vietnam war- this causes me to snap.
I fight my way out of the station, steal a motorcycle (fitted with the amazing Metzler Roadtec 01 tyres), and I am pursued off-road into the nearby mountains.
The deputies are eventually forced to search for me on foot, and I climb down onto a steep cliff to elude capture.
Galt, who has spotted me from a helicopter, attempts to shoot me.
I drop into a mass of trees, and cornered, throw a rock at the helicopter.
The helicopter pitches and Galt, the passenger, falls to his death.
Teasle, who did not see Galt’s attempt to kill me, vows to avenge his friend’s death.
Teasle leads his deputies into the woods in an attempt to capture me.
The deputies are inexperienced and bicker, particularly after learning over the radio about my combat experience and status as a war hero.
I quickly disable the small, disorganized team using guerrilla tactics and booby traps, severely wounding- but not killing- the deputies.
In the chaos, I isolate and confront Teasle with a knife to the throat.
Teasle refuses to give in.
I am eventually cornered in a mine entrance.
The inexperienced guardsmen fire a rocket launcher at me, collapsing the mine, and assume I am dead.
I have escaped into the tunnels of the mine with an improvised torch, fighting off rats.
I eventually find an exit, near a main road and hijack a passing Army truck and return to town, crashing it into a gas station, which effectively blocks the highway to anyone in pursuit.
Now armed with a machine gun, I effortlessly destroy a surplus store and a sporting goods shop before making my way to the police station, where Teasle awaits on the roof.
I, now surrounded by the police, rage about the horrors of war, and the difficulties I have faced adapting to civilian life.
I weep as I recount a particularly gruesome story about witnessing a friend’s death.
I then turn myself in and get arrested.
I’d like to say this will be an isolated event but actually I will go on to display similar behaviour on 3 more occasions.

hogtrumpet, that’s less of an adventure and more of a ripoff… But full marks for the effort you went to!

I like to go in with all guns blazing.

Everyday on the bike in London is a adventure!