competition laws- for or against??

Ok, with this talk about 8 of the top manufacturers considering leaving Formula one and starting up their own series, and with the debate the other night about Borough market/Oakdene, whats everyones views on competition in whatever market place?

Further, with the 900 workers just sacked at Total, at their dislike of 51 being layed of last week, and “too many foreigners taking british jobs”

surely its only a good thing, as the end result is a better experience & better value for the consumer

Not quite the same thing is it Steve.

No one ever said that BM and Oakdene are a competition for each other one is one meet the other is an alternative always was and always will be…

F1 however is a competition and i personally can’t see it being viable running two seperate events, just look at the A1 GP series, that hasn’t really taken off.