COMPETITION: £130's worth of clothing and protective gear!

LB, in partnership with various suppliers and retailers are running a series of competitions to let members win numerous brilliant prizes. The competitions are set to be held at least once a month, though more may be introduced for special events. A dedicated area of the site has been set-up to list all the competitions. Check out the link at the bottom of the page for more details.

The competitions are run via the LB Text service, making it easy for members to enter competitions from wherever they are, and allow us to randomly select the winners at the end of each competition period. The competitions run from the first of the month to the end of the calendar month, with winners chosen a day or two after this period.

This month is sponsored by Adrenalin-X, who are allowing us to give away £120’s worth of quality Dainese back-protector. LB will also be giving away merchandise in the form of T-Shirts and Sticker kits. There are a number of future competitions already planned for, with some great prizes waiting!

April’s Competition

Check the competitions page in the future for updates:

Previous Competitions
March '06 -

Bugger, I can’t enter, but would like one for my jacket

Just a thought guys, but if you post up here after entering, we can all get an idea of how these competitions are going.

Let me get the ball rolling.

One for me…

Me too, fingers crossed

I’m in - that protector looks the nuts

(as does whats in it in the pic!)

Da Barro is in !!

Done x 5

I’ve got one they’re great




Would be nice if the girl came with it

Attempt to win something in


I can’t enter either… Well, I haven’t got any space on my leathers anyway… lol

We got well over 5 times more enters then posted here! Good luck boys and girls

Sorry, only just seen this post, but entered on 10th April.

Good luck all.

I’m in, gimme gimme

so who won…who won?


The competition’s done now, we’ll draw the results first thing tomorrow! Entries submitted from today go into the May competition, which is now up!

Jay, I’ve just entered for the May Comp and the reply text thanked me for entering the April comp !

Don’t worry, it’s entered into the May comp. I’ll get that changed, thanks fella