companies house ltd registration

Is anyone familiar (particularly accountants) with the companies house registration and login procedure?

Im having trouble with my accountant and wish to find someone else, however my ltd company registered address is his office, and he has the login details.

Can this be changed or can i apply for new login details?

Hes almost impossible to get hold of lately (hence why i want someone else) and will not answer his emails, mobile or office number (I even went to his office and left message but he was out!) And i know hes alive

you can get hold of forms to change details easy enough. Call companies house for options. If you’re the director you just need to fill in, sign the forms to change addresses etc.

PDF forms for printig off

“Change of registered office address”

The internet login just call them.

Yes you can do much of the Companies House form filling on line or call them to get the forms . Your accountant does not have to be involved. I use one of the Companies Made Simple registered office addresses .

Yes, all very easy to do.

what is less than easy to do is to get hold of all my accounts and receipts that the accountant has!

Tell me about it.

I’ve been through 4 accountants in the last 7 years.