Commuter tyres?

I need to get new tyres for my 1200 Bandit. As it’s mainly used for commuting I was thinking about something that lasts long.
What would you recommend? BT-021, Road Pilots? Anyone got’em?

I used Metzler M1’s and the M3’s are supposed to be even better…Hard in the centre and soft at the edges… Try having a read up and see the reviews. They have been highly recommended to me by my mechanic and i managed to get about 6 or 7 k out of em.

standard diablo’s will do everything you need,and if you want to go on track they will be fine too.

Gonna chime in again with the Road Pilot 2’s…blimmin good tyres, will last a long time as well.

I got the Pilot Road 2’s aswell - lasted longer than my BT014’s so far and have loads of tread left & feel better than the Bridgstones :slight_smile:

021’s will do what you need, especially on a Bandit 1200. Alternatively you could try Avon Storms as they are also hardwearing and decent tyres for not too much money.

I’ve been using Bridgestones for years…I currently have a Bandit 600, but the last set of tyres I had which were BT021 didn’t install much confidence in the wet, especially the front one…I’ve now done about 600 miles on a set of Michelin Pilot Road 2s …so far I am very impressed, although, rather remarkably, I haven’t been out in the rain yet

I think Mo has Avons on his Busa and praised them much.
Thanks guys - will probably try Pilots - I was wondering if B12 is not too heavy for them but found a Michelin’s test and they’ve used Bandits too!

i heard bad things about the pilot roads. but i ended up buying a rear to replace my conti road attack (brilliant tyre) as i was commuting 30 miles a day + going out ont he bike every night. Didnt have it to long, but it wasnt as bad as i thought. I would buy them again for commuting!

Mo just fitted BT021s like I use. Well happy with mine wet or dry and they seem to last too :wink:

Big difference between the old Pilot Roads and the new Road Pilot 2’s - always go for the 2’s they have the dual compound technology.

Bridgestone, Michelin, Bridgestone, Michelin…you realise they have a Metzler cup out there. They are also cheaper and generally get better reviews…But i guess people like to stick to the same old names

Metzler Review 1
Metzler Review 2
Metzler Review 3

Ive used mine on both the track and the road and have never had a problem.

So we have BT-021s, RP2s and M3s - similar 2 compound construction, BTs a bit cheaper than 2 others :unsure:
Where did you get your Metzelers from davebez, and for what money?