Commute from Surrey

Morning All,

Unfortunately the train service from Redhill up to London is going to be severely disrupted in just over a weeks time. Rather than using the undoubtedly rubbish replacement bus service I was thinking of commuting up on the bike. I have never done this before so was just wondering if this is something that other people on here do and if so what is the best route and the best place to park up. I work on Liverpool Street so would ideally like somewhere around there. I would hope to be here by 8:00am. Would all the parking be gone by then?

Any help warmly received.



No idea about commuting in from Surrey as I dont live there, sorry.

You may want to recce the parking in the area around where you work to see how full it gets and when. Also look out for the parking charges etc. If youre on good terms with people in the area and or at work ask around to find out if theres any office parking lots that may be available. Dont ask dont get !!

Good luck and commute safe. :slight_smile:

I would avoid the A23 if at all possible (especially as there is major hold ups just north of the M25 at the moment).

If you are travelling early then A217/A24/A3 to the city is a reasonable route, but watch the speed cameras.

Consider riding up early on a Sunday morning to familiarise yourself with the route without much traffic.

one of my work colleagues commutes up from Guildford - he takes the A3 then A306 all the way to Westminister bridge as far as i am aware…

Avoid Brixton. There are roadworks forcing 3 lanes into 1 and it is a nightmare. It seems this setup will be permanent once the roadworks are complete as it seems they are widening the pavement, and narrowing the road :angry:Lessismore told me about a fantastic alternative - go to Herne Hill and then take Milkwood Road which bypasses Brixton altogether.

On parking, I would totally recommend you speak to your workplace’s facilities management people about parking on work premises. The benefits of not having to use public parking bays cannot be overstated. Do whatever you need to to get your bike in a private area, even if that involves sleeping with your Head of Property Services! :wink:

The road up Reigate Hill to the M25 can get really busy but if you go up via Wray Lane you miss most of it out.

The early you get through this bit the better.

A23 is rubbish - avoid it as has been said

I use this one in a morning too! , lots of friendly bikers in the morning

Don’t know about the route.

For parking, check out for location of bays and car parks. There’s a city of london car park on Commercial street which may be good for you. All city of london car parks are free for motorbikes I believe, and I think most NCP car parks have big discounts for motorbikes.

Cheers for the advice everyone. Most helpful. I was wondering whether to take the C90 of the Z750 but I think the fact that I have no where private to park I will have to use the trust Honda.

Cheers again…

I’d take the Z … you never know you might enjoy it and start commuting on the bike

:smiley: :wink:

I do this run on my Aprilia everyday, it’s easy…

A217 most of the way, much better than the A23.

Use the big bike it will take forever on a C90! Just make sure you have a good lock and chain the bike to something solid.