Commute from Herts

I’m going to need to commute an increasing amount from Herts (Harpenden). Anyone done a similar journey and recommend a route in?

I did M25 A10 the other day as I didn’t have headphones for sat nav and I knew the A10 spat me out in the city but it was pretty shit and slow.

Need to get to Liverpool St, I’m thinking of A1 next…

Help me avoid the trains… thanks

Try the a1055

What time of day, and presume you are on a bike ?

M25 A10 or A1055 for that is just insane from Harpenden. Why wouldn’t the shortest route from A (Harpenden) to B ( Liverpool Street Station) not be a straight line?

Exit Harpenden on the A1081, jump on the M25 at 22 jump off at at Bignalls Corner more of the A1081, A1000, A1 to Highbury Corner. Then Canonbury Road, New North Road, Old Street roundabout, City Road and your more or less where you needs to be.

Next pay cheque invest in a proper paper based mapping system :wink:

Used to do similar route from Watfotd to Bow at 05:30 so traffic was light

Just get the sodding  train.   They are cheap, comfortable, reliable and you don’t need to worry about your bike getting knicked.  

Thameslink and reliable :rofl::rofl::rofl:

[quote] Just get the sodding  train.   They are cheap, comfortable, reliable and you don't need to worry about your bike getting knicked.   --- bluelagos [/quote]

Thameslink and reliable :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Hold Da Kæft
No way!

Presumably this is extreme sarcasm

I would say experiment with different routes and see which works best for you. Trial and error was how I found the best route Hitchin-Cannon street.

Thanks all, yes, with a bike and I realise my initial route was very wrong.

The trains cost £4K a year. I can buy and run a bike for that every year and not hate myself and what I have become. Ooo… new bike every year!

Cheers for the route suggestions.

I’ll try plotting one into an app and see what happens.

Don’t bother with apps. They don’t cater for motorcycles. Useful for traffic info though.

Copilot has a motorbike profile and you can tailor your road preferences

You can map your own route and get verbal cues on co pilot can’t you? That’s what I’m after.

I have done/do Enfield to Holborn and A10, down to Turnpike Lane across to Manor House and up to Holloway Road, Highbury Corner and Angel is pretty good on the way in. A1055 is horrible in the morning but better in the evening although once into Harringey everyone is out to kill you with their shite driving skills

It’s funny as I do the a1055 and most times its so clear in the morning I beat the train from brimsdown to Tottenham Hale but I do leave at 6am

Key there is 6am…time to enjoy the roundabout before Ikea and the nice run after the marshes :innocent:

Yeah it is fun

Yeah I forgot to mention the 17 safety cameras on my route !