Commercial Road : bikes down...

Lot of blue lights & at least 2 bikes down when I passed at about 7.20 - fingers crossed it wasn’t as bad as it looked…

Saw that too this morning. Looked like a blue naked GSXR and white XJ6, but I might be wrong. The GSXR was in pieces with two ambulances still at the scene… :frowning:

Is it like “motorbike crash season” or something…this is like the 3rd accident in the space of a week (one of which I’ve been involved in myself)

It’s winter = cold roads = less grip

i passed this as well, awful scene, carnage is the only way i could describe it. Tanks in the road, bits of plastic, i hope everyone involved is ok

Turns out i know one of the riders involved in this accident fella i know was on a blue fazer thou broke his back has multiple fractures to his chest an a broken foot the other fella who was on a aprillia broke both his arm an dislocated both his wrists some bird was rushing to hospital to see her father after a suspected heart attack just pulled out on the pair of em they never had a chance to brake or anything i know he is at home on the morphine .

Sorry to hear that, I hope your friend and the other rider make a speedy recovery.

Horrible situation.

Hate to see bikers down!

That’s bad sh…t when someone pulls out. Hope they’ll recover

Sorry for her circumstances but I hope the police throw the book at her, and then dump the whole tax code on her. Because of her failure to drive properly she has caused a huge amount of pain and suffer to two others. :angry:

I hope your both your friend and the other chap get well soon.

jeeez how **** is this. Hope they GWS and got to say heart attack or not she needed to be paying MUCH more attention.

Hope they both fully recover… People shouldn’t be driving in those ‘stressful’ situations, putting others at risk and in this unfortunate case causing undue harm! :crazy:

shouldn’t yeah, but needs must sometimes.

I know I’d be ignoring speed limits if my dad was in hospital

well im glad to riders are alive! atleast, gws to both of them, but stupid cow for doing what she did, no matter how urgent!

I’d imagine a lot of people would pull the ‘parent in hospital with a heart attack’ routine if they’d just knocked down two bikers. I’m calling BS on that one frankly - although naturally I’m not accusing redrat of lying. From what redrat says it sounds as if both riders have sustained heavy injuries, and ones which may impact on their future quality of life. Anything less than jail for this woman would not represent justice.


Its sickening when **** like that happens but frankly if she hadn’t of hit those bikers, all parties would be free of the hassle, and she would get to her destination a lot quicker.

I know its blunt and harsh but frankly, its not worth killing two others just to sit to one side and remain usless to a loved one and an obsticle for staff.

Amen to that Ricco. When someone is in hospital they are being attended to by hopefully qualified staff and there is no need to rush to their side. IF you have someone in the car that you are rushing to hospital then that might be an excuse - but again - that is normally best left to ambulances. I will admit though - I have done it when my daughter was sick. I drove her to hospital and broke several traffic laws on the way. I was scared for my daughters life and wouldn’t have stopped for any reason, police or otherwise. Apart from one asshole, everyone on the road (in rush hour) seemed to understand what I was doing and cleared a path on the A13 for me. Scary times, but my daughter was fine…

its very easy to say she was an idiot, if that was indeed the situation she was in i would be in the same thought process

im on a bike and i rushed to the hospital too when i was told my father before his demise this week was rushed to hospital a year ago, if i was a car user it would be the same trying to get there to see the relative in time to see them one last time just incase it is, the last thing you expect to happen is an accident

what happened to the other innocent bikers is of course also tragic and scary and if what she said is an untrue excuse to get herself off her own guilt and fault then she deserve all she gets

i hope the bikers make a full recovery in time and are able to get back on a bike

Anytime I have had someone in hospital, that’s not the way I remember thinking about it. Instincts are always ‘get there asap’!

It’s natural to panic and yes you shouldn’t drive but sometimes that’s the only option. I don’t think she should be penalised more because of this. That’s why ppl take insurance out and that’s what it’s supposed to cover. Unfortunately driving accidents will happen and there’s no need to throw the book at someone who may, for all intents and purposes, have made a mistake.

Doing same route every day. It is even if you doing 30mph is not save most of days. Hope they both recover, all the best for them.

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