Comment Something that pisses you off during sex.....


Wife coming home?

Having to get her out of the wheelchair

the ceiling needs painting.

(would piss me off in more than 1 way)

Wife coming home? yourebarred

Apparently saying it measures to the back of her sisters throat is not the same as using a tape measure :rage:

when she says I’m the biggest out of all my friends

Are you in yet?

Is that it?

Sneaking past the warden control staff always a headache at the retirement home

when the mortuary attendant walks in mid stream


Did put the Alarm on the bike!!! Grrrr!!

When I told her to scream my name and she thinks my name is Help! geeez!

Thats not how your father does it …

Having to queue up…

when she won’t refund the remaining 29 minutes…

I forgot to take my pills today

This is how your sister likes it.

Who’s your daddy, who’s your daddy

You know who OUR daddy is