Coming to a Jetwash near you

We dont do group discount and yes we do behind the ears :smiley:



LOL Ok you do behind the ears but … do you do special requests :smiley:

For Westie he does…

rehearsing for the Spandau Ballet reunion tour?

A new type of super hero!

We aim to please :stuck_out_tongue: Customer service is our top priority :smiley:

you missed abit!!!:w00t:.


pmsl - hold on a sec… :wink:

That’s better :hehe:



PMSL. So very, very wrong (really wanted to say deeply wrong)

What Ginge caught with his pants down?:w00t:

lol - look on the machine Sam (picture I altered) :wink:

and yes - Ginge with his pants down is wrong too!! :hehe:

:w00t:Oh!!! now thats hilarious:D

stop nicking my pics lol i have the unedited copy if anyone wants it…


think i’ll pass thanks

Lol, great pic :stuck_out_tongue: my bike needs a clean :slight_smile: