Comedy of Errors

My first mistake: Going too fast threading into the queue of traffic to turn right at Tulse Hill

My second mistake: Target fixating on the pothole I know to be slap bang in the middle of the junction

The inevitable followed and I suffered a tankslapper- my first one ever:w00t: Chest bouncing off the tank, engine cut out as the bike bounced along the road…phew! I was lucky to stay on I thought. Waved an apology to the car behind, lifted my visor for a breath of fresh air and pow!..

A huge pigeon poo landed straight in my face…:hehe:

Not a good day then chap ? :stuck_out_tongue:


i’ve had a couple of tankslappers, one at 90+ hit a big bump at speed…absolutely terrified me, i know the felling when you say ‘i dunno how i stayed on it!’:w00t:

i’m a get a damper soon for mine, yours sounds like you was unlucky! but target fixation didnt help i suppose. glad your ok dude!

At first I thought “oh dear”, but then laughed! :w00t: Let that be a lesson to you :smiley:

Good up until the poop landed :rolleyes:

Well they say it’s good luck or something ??!!

Woah. Something similar happened to me a year or so ago. Had a tankslapper, ditched the bike, and as I was lying there, dazed, I opened my visor for a bit of fresh air and pow ! A huge Nissan Serena landed right in my face!

Glad you just got the poo, and glad you recovered it, mate - it’s pretty damn hard to do! With balance skills like that you ought to take up unicycling along tightropes slung over burning volcanoes or something, I swear…

Ha ha. Yes I should count my lucky stars it was only $*'t and not a Nissan Serena…

That is a classic - bit of real life slap-stick.

:smiley: love it.

LOL :smiley:

I know what you do for a living. You should be expecting **** to happen. Though rarely that literaly.

Pleased it all worked out for you, too nice a bike to drop.