come to me for your dainese!

hi all, just to let you know i work in Scooterworld, in Notting Hill we are a Dainese official dealer and stock a good range of gloves, and leather and textile jackets. i am always happy to help.

any questions or you just wanna pop in for a chat contact

scooterworld on 020. 7243 1100. matt.

sweet …seeeing as we are members and stuff like that …i,ll have the new prototype…two peice for a monkey !!..kapeesh !!

ha ha! seriously just give us a bell or pop in, i will be taking over as manager from Monday, so there will be some changes in store!- look out for our new dainese store opening next month in Chiswick! and i am trying to open up a members discount.

ooh that’s good timing…I need some new summer gloves and fancied some dainese ones that I saw in Ride this month

Cool, not far from me then. I could do with replacing my summer gloves. Keep us posted.

So that’ll be a blatant plug for your shop then

I’ve moved you here which is more appropriate, and I’ll point out that free advertising is not really allowed…

I think advertising should be allowed, provided that (a) it’s not done during the first X posts, so the person didn’t join just to advertise and (b) an LB discount is given…

Matt, could you get the Sava tyres for my GT please, and book it in for tyre change for Saturday, 24th?

i was merley stating that we are a dainese dealer, im not touting for business, we do well enough anyway. i thought it might be a good idea to inform people on here, and all things considered i am trying to sort us all a discount for LB. ( I have seen similar posts on here informing people of places to go.)

Paivi we have got the tyres for you already only prob is we dont work saturdays, but anyday in thwe week is fine. x

You don’t work on Saturdays??? How are people supposed to get to work then? Must take my business elsewhere.

we are open on sales and parts, but we have opened before on a Saturday and not had very much rersponse, most of our clients are quite happy to come in during the week.

As I tend to work from 9am until 8pm, it really has to be on weekends. If I didn’t enjoy what I’m doing and have a good salary, I’d want a new job!

Bugger me, if I’d been told that after trying to do the Londonbikers a favour I’d have probably told you to bugger off !

Westfazer, I’d like to say thanks for letting us know and thanks for sorting (or about to sort) out an LB discount.

As for the free advertising, well what about al the others that have it in there siglines etc, etc, etc … one rule for all if you’re gonna enforce it, if you’re not gonna enforce it across the board then you’re gonna look very petty when you do something like this.

Just raising my thoughts on something that I think was a bit harsh.

thanks Trojan!, its true, i thought i was being helpful, obviously not. i dont want to annoy or offend anyone on this site, its not in my nature, im not asking people to come to us, im merley adding another string to a bow as it were.

hope to see you soon


i dont really understand what point your trying to make there paivi, by the last comment.?

i would be more than happy to help you, but it would need to be during the week.

Good luck with the managers role and the discount! If there are any stonking deals PM me so as not to flout the rules…

he he! will do! im regretting that post now!


Ok fair enough.

But I didn’t remove the post…

ok, fine lets leave it at that.

And don’t worry that anyone is upset with ya, no problemo there!

It just that we are trying to enforce rules and I’ll admit it is done in perhaps a haphazard way at times - and I hope to improve on that.