Come on Sammo!

Lets see your new baby mate;)


I’m out on it next week mate so you’ll have to wait until then! :stuck_out_tongue:

Awww mate:angry:

I want it now!!!:P:D

I hope you have better luck on this one mate.

Are you going to torch the Trumpet?;):P:D

not sammo’s one but here’s my sexy ass r6

best of luck on the new bike sammo.

I love the Triumph but i think it’s maybe a little fragile for racing at the British with as you have a lot of tracktime in one chunk. For club racing i still think it’s one of the best bikes you can ride especially as you can ride in sound of thunder to, which is where i think i learnt a lot last year racing against Sp1 and 1098’s.

Yours is cool Seb - Is your motor untouched or do you run a kit head gasket?

sent you a pm dude. :wink: