Come on... Fess up!!!!

Come on you bike DIYersWhats the worst bodge you have done on a bike?

OK… i will go first.

Some time ago i bought a honda 400/4 off a mate as a winter hack. The cam chain was really rattly so I set about sorting the thing out.

I managed to strip 2 of the rocker cover bolt threads in the process of the strip down but there was no way I was going to take the whole head off or spend my hard earned on a helecoil kit. I Araldited the bolts back in place and once it set, manage to hold in place until the following spring, there was only a tiny oil leak:w00t:

i ended up part exchanging the bike for a mint XT350. I thought I better clean the honda up a bit before taking it to the shop but my bolts had come loose so as this was the last time i’d see the bike(hopefully) I stuck them both back in with Blu-Tack…lol:w00t:

I might add, I do things properly these days;)

So come on…fess up… Tell your tales;)

Did you mention the bodge when part ex-ing? :Whistling:

Of course;):Whistling:

Seriously it had been to the moon and back mileagewise and a thing like that would have made no difference to the value:cool:

blu tac!!!

I sucked the needle from the carb into the cylinder. That was pretty dumb.

My latest bodge is my starter motor cover is pinned down with a bit of coathanger pushed against the fins of the engine block because I sheared a bolt. But I’m getting my new engine on Saturday…woohooooo! :slight_smile:

Well not on a bike, but since you mentio blue tac…

when looking at how to disassemble the reception desk the MD decided to see whether there were attaching screws behind the marble facia…he prised it off with a screwdriver :confused: 10 mins later the removal company said, “We’ll have to take that next week as the lorry is full”

To retain the appearances I re-attached it using copious amounts (about 4 packets) of blue tac as it was all there was to hand.

Ahh the 'old bits falling down into the cyclinders game’I know of a few peeople that have had to remove the engine and top head just because a bolt fell into it…The stuff bog roll down each cylinder top is a good one to prevent this.

cable ties to fairings… my speedfight

my gilera runner 210cc and my current 125cc pit bike all bodge jobs not any perticular part i mean the whole bike lol im currently rideing with doge wireing bodge loom no horn a front buckled wheel and a custom home made wooden L plate

My first car, a 13 year old Nissan - one time when changing the plugs one of the plugs wouldn’t tighten because the thread on the head was nackered. So I got some soft copper washers and deliberatly cross threaded it and torqued it down to about a million ft/lb. Saved money only ever having to change three plugs after that! Never dared run the engine with the bonnet up though!

i got a bit over excited with the axe on my kitchen worktop. I was cutting up a big block of wax. Time came to move on so did what was suggested on a diy prog - tipex the surface grove and rub a white/clear candle over the grove until it’s filled. Works on white worktops… try colour matching. :hehe:

Car botch was the mechanic welding long bolts as makeshift engine mounts on my allegro… miss that car! Better than a bloody cli(t)o any day

My dad’s early Allegro with the square steering wheel was a complete dog. The electrics were absolute rubbish!

You have reminded me of my greatest domestic bodge - when we had a furnished rented place I managed to put a knife blade though the aluminium of the freezer compartment of the fridge when trying to clear some ice so the door would shut. The coolant all shot out and is now busy destroying the ozone layer, but we needed a fridge - I didn’t want the landlord to know I had wrecked his fridge, but wanted him to provide a new one. I discovered that toothpaste packed into the hole I had made with the knife matched the colour and texture of oxidised aluminium perfectly! :slight_smile:

My nearside indicator’s held on with sellotape, does that count? Tried to re-attach it a couple of times but the screw-y bit just snapped off so just stuck with a generous helping of sellotape, courtesy of the BikeSafe blokey back in April.

Yep, done that.Luckly was a metal nut, so was rescued with a magnetic pick up tool :slight_smile:

7’s got cable ties instead of exhaust hanger on the back peg.

Years ago I had a Suzuki A100 - little 100cc 2 stroke

Rear swing arm snapped on the right side when doing 65mph downhill - bike felt a little unstable to say the least, but needed to get home, so stuck a spanner to inside of the swing arm and taped up with insulating tape as make do.

When i got home, I filled the gap with paper and painted Hammerite over the surface - to match clolour of swingarm, - used bike for another 3 months!!

Eventually bike went for scrap!

That has to be the most dodgyest bodge job I’ve heard so far…LOL!:smiley:

Completely knackered the locking bolt on the gear change of an old Honda K4 (the grandfather of the Superdream), so tack welded and old pair of mole-grips on as a (cough) temporary (cough) measure.

I’ve got old bikes through MOTs in the past by stuffing rag under the fork dust-seals to soak up the leaking fork oil.