Right I know it’s not about motorbikes but I am really nervous and a huge Gunners fan so thats that…

I’ve just turned the telly on and am waiting for it to start …

Not a gooner in anyway but hopefully they’ll win this.

Im not a aresrnal/football fan but good luck to the gunners!!

representing london

not sure who Arsenal are, but just wait till the Hammers thrash Liverpool

Well the boys have done it, through to the final. Huge congratulations for getting there. Who next then? Probably Barcelona, we shall find out tomorrow.

Sorry…fell asleep…so that was football then …Topgooner you aint got a hope in hell in the final if thats all ya got!..Bit like Suzuki in bike racing (sorry Jay you know I cant resist )

But well done for winning…ya might get a shiny cup if you can find another 10 lehmans

Not a chance, barca for the win



Lucky lucky boys they are … ain’t it strange that peeps were cheering for a german tonight but will hate him to bits in two months time !!

It was a scrappy game and not really enjoyable to watch till the last 5 minutes !

I don’t say it often, but well done to the Arsenal and hopefully they’ll get a good result in the final.

Get In…

Great result, even if they didn’t play too well. I smell a Euro Cup for the new trophy room.

Well done lads, keep up the good work.

I personally find football boring as shite, can we not move this off topic?

Was a pretty piss-poor game to be fair…can’t argue that Arsenal have taken some big scalps this season and probably for that reason deserve to be in the final. However, how the bloody hell did Villareal get to a semi-final of the Champions League…they were utter shite…

Even for a neutral, I think they would have felt disappointed watching that game…

Says a Spurs fan…

Come on, admit it, you’re worried that you ain’t gonna get to Europe ain’t ya

Arsenal have had a pretty crap season by their standards, and the injuries have taken their toll but (and I know I’m biased) I think they’ve enough in the last few seasons to warrant a crack at the Euro title…

We’ll get Europe, but it’s whether we get Champions League or UEFA. Personally, I’d rather we had a run in the UEFA like Middlesbrough have had this season than get knocked out in the first stage of the Champions League. But then the Champions League is MUCH higher profile.

And you have to admit, it was a piss-poor game last night, it wasn’t exactly a memorable semi-final now was it?

It did make me laugh how Villareal were kicking lumps out of Ljunberg and the ref was doing feck all about it…

Arsenal didn’t get into their stride last night. Poor old Freddie was getting some stick wasn’t he… And that ref was pretty poor, he gave a couple of free kicks for high feet when Vilareal players’ feet were just as high (or higher) and that penalty…

I hate to say it, you guys have done well this season, although I have to say that I did predict a much better year from Spurs, it’s not my fault nobody believed me

ain’t it strange that peeps were cheering for a german tonight but will hate him to bits in two months time !!

u dont have to hate him - germany will not reach the second round…this team is a shame…

Oh yes, I forgot, there is somebody in the team who is not french . . . .

Luckily I am off to Catalonia in the next coupple of weeks so can stock up on Barcelona team gear, should make for a highly entertaining night back in Blighty watching the team that wears a St George cross on it’s emblem thrash the french team



Well done to the Gooner’s great penalty save, lets just hope that Milan can get passed Barca so you guys have a chance in the final. lol

Let’s the world cup come up and you all will the ‘real’ futebol (this word should always be spelled in brazilian Portuguese). lol

Please don’t kick my bike, it’s just a matter of see the facts and be realist!



With ya on that one Cezz, think you lot have it on the bag already.