Come on all newbies, Show your support for LAA

Hi. I think you all no me. If you dont you dont read much. Anyway as a newbie i think im going to get alot from london Bikers. And think its only fair to put something back in. London Bikers support LAA (London Air Ambulance) so show some support. Put your hands in your pocket and help Ang do great this year. Come on Newbies show your support P.S. To find out how go to general chat, LB Charity Efforts

well said mate:cool: i work on the new london hospital building and get to see them land/take off every day:smooooth:

I go on The BCR and get to see you taking off and landing’em!:cool:

Yeah and i’m going to have a look round the helipad cos i got invited by them nice peeps cos i am doing my bit for LAA by repairing all the broken kitbags and clothing:D and i can’t wait woohoo