come Devon or high water!!!

Good Morning! just thought id say howdy to you all after arriving back from my weekend to Devon and Cornwall. I went to see my dad and mates, good to give ol fazer a blast, had a really nice few days, covered nearly 900 miles and the weather was ace, that was until i returned home on Sunday. As i left it was hot and sunny, once i got onto the A303 the heavens opened and all the way home it was like steering a boat! talk about aquaplaning!!!. the visibility went down to below 2 car lengths, and i dont like riding when its that wet!.

took me 4 hours to get home, which isnt bad considering, there were loads of bikers out in it, we were all sticking together and looking out for each other, btw thanks to the ducati rider for letting me pass so slowly!!.

Overall the bike ran smoothly, although i think my rear shock is on the way out, im bouncing about a fair bit.

thats about it, hope to see you all Wednesday, now im off to wash the bike…

That’s some milage fella, nice one! Hope you took some pics to share with us? Bad luck on getting soaked, but that’s Britain for you, eh?

Welcome back fella.

900 miles, hell that’s a long way. You’ll be walking like john wayne for a few days then?

thankyou, yes i will be a bit jon wayne for a wee while!! ha ha, it was great being on the road, love every minute of it. i was going to wash the bike today but look at the weather!!!

just a couple of pics put up on my mobi




Which part of Cornwall did you go to mate?

i was in Fowey, and also falmouth, its sooo nice down there!!

Yup I know it well mate its one of the prettier parts.