Combining Sparrows Fart and BCR??

Hey Guys, after a few conversations with various people sounds like there might be some of us who would be up for some extra early morning action :w00t: Seems that with the lovely weather more and more of them damn car drivers are out early doors on a Sunday meaning that the lanes are a little less fun! Would anyone be up for 6-7am starts on a Sunday in the next few weeks?

Thought I’d throw this one out there and see what the thoughts are!

i’m in!

anyone’s welcome on a sparrows fart, been mega busy last few weeks so havent arranged any…

where abouts?
BCR’s in the east and Sparrowsfart is from Boxhill.

How about an early morning hoon around the M25 between the 2 points?

yeah i’d be up for it as long as it was before the rugby season starts again and we get to go through the dartford tunnel.

Sorry, was actually thinking East, and combing the early start with the BCR…but sounds like a interesting thought!!! Alternatively anyone know some good routes from East to Boxhill with lots of twisty bits!!

theres a big bit of water in the way… only problem i tend to come up against with east to west! :w00t:

how about starting from the place of the dirty mugs, otherwise know as the oakdene.

be easy to use the kent/sussex roads and head out to surrey/boxhill.

gets a bit tricky heading out east obviously cos of the thames and having to use the motorways…

better roads round here anyway and no crazy pitchfork carrying locals parking in the middle of the lanes.