com units- advice please

a friend of mine is in the market for an autocom or similar

anyone making use of a com unit and any recommendations as to brand/specific units?


cheers charlie. use it much for rider to rider chat or more for the toys?

Out of interest, what’s the outlay in terms of cost for Autocom units and starcom units? Does anyone know?

Autocom…all the way !!

Good on rider to pillion and great for toys…Phone/MP3/Satnav etc…woo hoo!

i have an autocom - have had for about 2 years. its ok but i would rather have the starcom.

Autocom build quality isn’t fantastic, the connectors aren’t standard and the vox isn’t the greatest system. when I got mine it was definately the best of the bunch but starcom have overtaken them now.

Starcom is a much more compact unit and is more solidly built - the connectors are standard and come with much more mounting options and proper covers. Also the best bit it the bluetooth connection to your phone so it doesn’t need to be plugged in. And the music volume changes automatically in relation to ambient noise levels so you can still hear it. On the Autocom it deafens you sitting at lights and is then just about audible doing 120mph or so.

when i upgrade my bike i will upgrade to starcom.

We have had Starcom since May 06 - have found it great and will upgrade to bike to bike soon. Does what it says on the box

Only had one problem after last weeks newbie meet when the pillion connector fell to bits and blasted me with feedback I could still hear the next day !! But easy to get a replacement online next day delivery

Sure that it wasn’t Debs giving you a bit of stick, Grim

Starcom all the way - we did some testing for the podcasts a while ago - using both units - go to the podcast page and download it - podcast 5 I think… you can hear for yourself which one is best…

It boils down to 3 things for me.

1 - Audio quality - the starcom has true high def sound so your music etc sounds perfect - it also has ambient vox which means it alters the volume depending on the ambient noise… so you don’t get deafend!

2 - Build quality - autocom are built into cheap plastic covers - starcom is built into a machine aluminium case… it’s also half the size.

3 - Industry standard connectors - If I want I don’t have to buy starcoms connectors - I buy buy the extentions etc from Maplins.


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