coloured visors

saw someone with a black visor on their lid yesterday and thought it looked so cool I’ld like to get one myself…Not sure what the law is on this? Can you get any coloured visors that are legal?

only the very slightly tinted but they look ****, just do what most people do carry the clear in a £7 visor pouch most coppers are ok with tinted visors if you have a clear with you, as tinted are against the law, visor inserts are legal as there not an integral part of the lid but again they look sheeeeeeite

hooooooooooge selection and i got a free visor pouch,

The Iridium mirror finishes always look good!

But dont usually last long. Prone to chipping.

Qualities differ, my factory Arai irridium has lasted well, I think the ones coated by 3rd parties afterwards dont last as long

OGK lids guys,Get coloured tear offs any they totally legit,and dont look too bad either


The official position is that provided it lets in 80% light, it’s legal. Also, visor pinlock inserts which are tinted are legal even if they’re really dark, whereas really dark visors aren’t legal.

As has been said above, most police don’t mind as long as you’ve got a clear with you, especially at night.

dont do what i did from Bognor and ride with your dark visor, cos your gunna have a very interesting ride home hehe

I’ve had irridium visors on me last lid (soumy) and me current Arai. Never had any issues with the finish and I used the Soumy one for 5 years

Pinlock hypeoptick visors are great although I find them not quiet dark enough in real bright weather and as they go clear at night are the perfect combo. I only got the irridum cos I’m a tart

I love a ‘race’ visor. I normally always use them in the day-time, and switch to a clear one at night. I just haven’t got round to getting one for my new lid. I was thinking of getting a mirror finished one, but am concerned about chipping, as mentioned.

I have had my Irridium visor for 5 years now and it has chipped but not a huge amount really for the time and still looks wicked.

I just bought a mean ass Shark RSX in Black … damn it looks fine, it’s one of the few helmets that looks the business with a stock viror, but I want a black one for it…shame they don’t to black irridium… that would look the nuts (if you can imagine how that would look!!)

If anyone has a spare chark visor i could buy from them, stock, black, clear, anything - i’d appreciate it… £70 is a little steep for a new one…just so i have a spare

Randomly, and i dont know if this is impressive or not (but it impressed the **** out of me)… the Shark rep happened to be at the bike shop, took the visor off a helmet, and ben tit backwards, right over his knee… it just flexed back into shape… he turned an interesting shade of purple putting that much force into it to bend it that far… but jeezus!

I almost want a pigeon to fly into my head just so i can tell the tale of 3mm perspex vs. pigeon

come down my road ill get a frozen chicken out the freezer ill throw it ya when you wake up you can tell everyone about frozen chicken and your helmet…

Bloke in Hein Gericke in Kenton did that with his Arai visor he was showing me that the best way to fit me hyper optik pin lock was to bend it properly as people struggle thinking there gonna brake the visor when there’s no chance of that at all

£70!!! I just looked on the Visorshop and they’re nowhere near that. Good service at that shop too, I’ve had 3 visors off em