Possibly a rhetorical question. I’m going to change the colour of my machine. I’d like to mock up how it would look with a few choices. I need to learn how to use an image manipulation program or just splash a flat colour on a photo in Paint?


get samples and spray little bits of the bike until you find one you like?

That’s what my wife does when she decides it’s time I decorated something!!

Spray someone else’s bike :wink:

Can I try on yours?

You may already know this, but you’ll have to send off your V5C to update the colour and inform your insurance company.

Just have black. They go faster

Haha. I’m considering asking Scorch to strip the tank back to metal and sort of brushed steel look, with blacked engine and covers. There’s not a lot of plastic left tbh, but i was wondering about gunmetal grey. Or maybe lighter grey. Or a green like someone’s xj6 on here. Or black. Hmmm.