Colour of Bike on Log Book

Going to respray the bike soon, probably not changing the colour, but, it threw up a question for the more legal minded of you…

On my logbook it states that my bike is “Multicoloured” - Does that mean that I can leave it stating that and change it whenever I want to whatever colour I want without informing?

I guess it depends on what DVLA’s definition of multicoloured is and how many colours they deem to constitute multicoloured - also is it only paint that is taken into consideration or does metal finish count too?

Anyone know any more about this?

hmmm probably best of asking dvla what they mean by multi coloured, if you are changing colour them you would need to do it soon after you have resprayed it.

the colour on your log book only refers to the colour of the tank. (this is so naked bikes are recorded the same way) if you have one predominant colour (like yours is black with 2 small red stripes) then it would be classed as black. if something like mine, which has 4 colours on the tank, with the red and white being almost equal, then it would be regarded as multi

As I understand it the rule DVLA apply is that the colour on the V5 is the the predominant colour of visible metal components. If the tank is the only coloured metal that you can see the colour of the tank would be the colour. If all the visible coloured components are plastic then the colour on the V5 is the predominant colour of all those components (the same applies if all the components are metal). This means that on some modern cars where many of the panels are plastic, the colour on the V5 may bear little relationship to the colour of the car - for example, this car would be recorded on the logbook as silver as all the blue bits are plastic -

Cheers guys much appreciated, so, in effect I need to notify and get it changed to black rather than keeping the mulitcoloured otherwise I could be in trouble…

also tell your insurance…mine wanted to charge me £25 when I sprayed mine Red, took lots of arguing to get them to waive the money

Good point for the future- luckily it was the same colour when I sent them the photos so all good :slight_smile:

Sent them the photos? You had to send off pics of your bike to get it insured?

that is generally the case when getting “agreed value insurance” usually available on classic bikes, Harleys & customs…

@Martin - Oh ok. Thanks for clearing that one up. Got a bit confused lol.