Collins Motors??

I’m going stir crazy and getting hot flushes all over, I need to get out on my bike and get it MOT’d ASAP. Has anyone ever had any experience with Collins Motors in Northwest London?My bike is pretty much in tip-top condition, ran it last night, all electrics working, breaks recently replaced, both two new tyres. Shouldn’t fail at all, unless I encounter a COWBOY mechanic! :crazy: Here they are: Motors

Unit 4,The New Business Centre
86 Goodhall Street
London NW10 6TS


I didn’t realise they were in to bikes. I’ve used them in Hammersmith for the car, and they’ve always been very good and reasonable, and I live around the corner. Just wish they did the bikes there too!



Brian who works there is on this forum. I’ve been taking my cars and bikes to them for several years now after being let down last minute by one of the larger chains.

I’ve been praising them for years. They have provided me and others with excellent service and care.

Big thumbs up from the Kevsta.

Sounds good to me! Can’t wait to get the bike back on the road! :w00t: