Collett21's little brother is last

I passed my test in november and ive been saving ever since…only managed to save a grand…borrowed the rest, thanks mum :blush:

I was out on it yesterday and i cant belive how nice it feels to ride.Hard rear shock? i wouldnt know, its my first bike so it’ll just make the next bike i get feel like a full leather recliner…with massage :wink:

Im not very good with photoshop seems if your on lb, you need editing skills too!

Anyway, hello and i look faward to hearing how i shouldnt have a B1H for a first bike :laugh:




Hi there… welcome… Nice bike… The insurance companies must have had fun with you??? :slight_smile:

Might see you soon at the ACE cafe…

cheers, yea.carol nash wanted 1430 but mce came through with 1040 with every trype of optional cover i’ll ever need.personal cover, legal, euro, helmet and leather and breakdown. happy days

hi and welcome…nice ride

Welcome to the site mate, nice bike.

Hi and welcome, just sold my ‘04 B1h, had some great fun on it tho’ and oh that intake noise !!!:D:D

good choice of bike. i have the same but in black. speaking of which i best make my own newbie thread.

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hiya & welcome to LB :smiley:

Hi and Welcome

Hello and welcome to LB :slight_smile:


Hello and welcome

hello and welcome, a very nice bike you’ve got there, enjoy and ride safe:D

Welcome to LB mate

I hope your riding is better than your video taking hahahahaha

Nice ride by the way, just don’t let Paul near it he will probably break it;)

all he’d have to do is look at it briefly and the gear box would jump out, grow legs and run off!

Welcome buddy - nice tidy ride you got there - make sure you look after her as will probably be worth a few quid in years to come ( proper cult bike in the making :wink: )

Had one exactly the same a couple of years back and should never have sold it :cool:

hi and welcome :slight_smile: