collapsible bike trailer

comes apart and goes in the boot of a car (not a go kart though:P) brand new never used.great for trackdays and the like as it takes up very little room so isnt a pain to store it.

£225 comes with brand new light board which isnt in the pics aswell

is it doing a wheelie or a stoppie:D

how quick is it to take apart & do you have pics of it collapsed?

2 mins to take apart 2 mins to re assemble… all on quick release pins… piece of ****.

We use to have something similar in the AA , nice kit really , took about 20 mins start to finish to assemble , load and strap the bike. It would fit in a large boot.

yeah but you AA boys dont like to rush do ya…lol:P

:smiley: you gotta have a ciggy and a quick chat on yer mobile between each stage of loading , so it’s a 3 ciggy job , plus 10 mins chatting **** with a mate on the phone while the member paces up and down.
I had to trial that piece of kit when it came out , so it was my duty to my fellow patrols to take a long time putting it together. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice kit though , that one looks much simpler than the old AA one.

would this be any good for my gsxr750? Is the price ono?:slight_smile: