colin collin`s

morning everyone is it true or my mates telling lies but they said colin colllin`s have gone bankrupt this morning.




happened 2-3 days ago … old news now

Went down to the Harrow Branch this morning, and they were closed. I thought they were still going to be around for a month or so…

Maybe they stopped opening on Sunday because it`s closing down.

i also only found this out today…


I was in there yesterday to pick up some oil for me babe!.

Chap never mentioned nothin then, although I did note that there wasn’t the usual amount of bikes on the floor. I just assumed that they were clearing space and stock for new stock 07 models to arrive!!!

Anyone any further on what’s happended??

Yes its very sad indeed the Harrow branch is up for sale as a going concern, they wont be open on Sundays and they wont be selling new bikes only seconds. They are giving 15% off so there might be some bargains, not sure on the warrenty side of things. I hate hearing of people loseing there jobs !!

Yes its true…all there shops even the one not trading under Colin Collins making it 6 shops.

4 shops!

Hyundai dealer makes 5 shops where both wrong

there was no hyundi shop when they went into recievership they closed it two months ago (the cause of money problems) was going to be a solas suzuki showroom!

Hyundai cost CC £300.000 give or take a car or three which added to the 1.2million they owed (could of been one 1.7) either way they are ALL closed

Lifes hard

Popped in to Harrow branch today, and while it was a bit dead, the guys there seemed quite positive. Apparently it’s being sold as an ongoing concern, and if the worst comes to worse the administrators seem quite happy to continue running it for the foreseeable future.

I know they get a bad rep, but they’ve always looked after me, and I learned to ride with them so I hope it all works out OK for the guys who work there.