Colesterol / Breakfast run 9th Sept

I’m riding. Anyone wana come. 7.30am at roundabout.:slight_smile:

Im in, but I’d start a new thread if I were you?:wink:

NEW THREAD?:unsure:

i would like to come but i forgot where this roundabout is:(


Whoops!:doze: Welcome back Milo. A12. Turn left at the Moby Dick Pub into Whalebone Lane North. First roundabout meet outside City Limits.

See you there.:slight_smile:

Have 2 sign off now. Hopefully Sneaky or another regular will answer any more questions.:slight_smile:

Sorry, I saw " Colesterol " and thought I was on my old thread sorry!

Do I need The Riot or the 900ss?

i was just kiddin mate

it was re last week when i was going “what has just happen.???” and “idont remember anything” …:unsure:

my bike is still out of use

ihave problem of getting estimates since its a import
looks like nobody can get any parts for it…
ill have to look for another alternatives

Milo, Sorry your having problems with parts.:frowning:

Ride as always was superb. No casualties, No slides, just perfect riding a a slight technical hitch with Sneaky’s duke on the way back. :slight_smile:

But all was fine when he drained anothers petrol tank to fill up!

We don’t call him Sneaky for nothing!:smooooth:

Yeah, quite boring, I’ll ask someone to bin it next time to spice fings up a bit, that give the doubters summit to get their teeth into!:stuck_out_tongue:

Ducati electrics, Sneaky’s lack of brains. The fuel light was working yesterday? No really, it was I tell’ya!Anyway, today I ran out of fuel light…meaning while I was trying to tot up the run in my head as I was starting to suspect a fuel light failure, I ran out of fuel! I blagged a plassey bottle from a farmer and Stevie kindly donated some fuel. I only took a lil’ting bit cause I was getting bored. I nipped off up to the next petrol station on the way home and ran out of fuel as I pulled on to the forecourt! What kinda twitt runs outa fuel twice on the same ride!…mind you. I did once miss the same Bus twice!But the main thing is. It all proved again, no matter how dumb you are (I am!), “No one gets left behind” on The Breakfast Club Run!:cool:Fanx again guys (no girls this time), and sorry :blush:

Oh yeah, remember this post from the other thread (where Milo binned-it):

When i got to the meeting point this morning. I went straight over (no, I was on my Ducati!) the City Limits rounderbout to get fuelled up. A guy looking decidedly like plainclothes plod on a bike went by the other direction. When I got back to the rounderbout. He came by again, this time he went into the City Limits car park and straight back out again. Did another pass of the rounderbout then when saw him about 1-2mls up the road, waiting around…

Publishing our routes we shant be doing!

Sneaky You’re getting paranoid mate,next you’ll think the walls are listening to you and start howling at the moon:w00t:

Well go on then, what else is the moon for if not for howling at? :unsure: Pls whisper your answer…they really do have ears y’know!:wink:

SneakyMcC (09/09/2007)

This was the scene trying to get the hose clip back the fuel tanker that we brought along. Never mind about the number of men required to change a light bulb. Please note Stevie’s hand on the headlight, he just refused to put it out!:crazy: