Coffee and orange Surrey hills ride

Heading out to box hill and Surrey hills for a cup of coffee on the KTM.


That’s mighty generous of your KTM to buy you coffee…

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I bought it a new tyre…

Lovely roads around here

Pit stop at rykas


wait hang on were you not on a honda for our ride out ? how many bikes do you really have ?

haha yeah i have two

And timeshares a large horse with Serrisan

yep, a wooden one that we use to enter the city


True… It saves on the congestion charge and ulez.

Spent a few days around Burgess Hill last week, driving around to various beaches/places to go with the kids. Some bloody amazing roads to be on a 'tard vs. a big old Merc estate

Ah that’s down my way. Yes there’s a very nice few roads all the way from the M23…

It’s a shame we don’t have many byways around here

This is roughly the loop