Coffee and cake

I AM a coffee and cake lover, when out for a ride.

Constantly looking for a great cafe where I can ride up and park the bike alongside and enjoy the wonders of some country delights.

I was going up H biker cafe in Dorchester( Buckinghamshire) when on Google I spotted that in Benson 4 miles from H. There is a little cafe called No.25 so I bimbled along and I am so glad I did: Great Coffee and YUMMY Cake! When I actually got to “H” Cafe it wasn’t even open…

IF any of you know of great little cafes that you have visited let me know


There’s a FB page for biker cafes. Listed shed loads - some of which will be worth a visit am sure.

Or if you are up in Anglia - check these out.

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H’s is shite. Awful coffee, awful food, and don’t even go there with the cleanliness… If you’re up that way again, try the Waterfront Cafe in Benson. It’s the total opposite if H’s and you get to sit by the Thames.

Edit - I’ve just Googled Cafe 25 and that looks like a good little find. I think I’ll be trying it in the next few days. It’d be rude not to, considering how close I live to Benson.


look though the google reviews you will find one from me using that photo

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Ah cake! Finally something to persuade the other half to get out the house for a ride!

Any suggestions down Kent area would be welcome.