COD5 beta code to give away please read


as most of you know I have the beta for COD5 on my 360 as I have this I have automatically been given the PC code as well, but I don’t have a PC setup at the momet this is going spare.

So lets make this interesting, best offer wins it, competition closes at 5pm today… winner will be notified by 5:30

Ten jam donuts, a 12 pack of crumpets, some golden syrup, a set of wedding trivia cards and a shout on my weekly radio show! :smiley:

Thats a great offer, all that food…

…but, how about some great photoshop work showing you sh*gging anyone you like? :w00t::hehe::wink:

I can draw you a picture of your favorite bike :smiley:

It’ll be a good picture, too cause I’m an artist, innit :stuck_out_tongue:

( - a gallery of some of my stuff)

and the winner has to be the food I’m affraid.

so PM me your email address and I will mail you the code, failure to supply your offer will result in a very smelly crash helmet.




Now if only i knew what a ‘beta for COD5 on my 360’ was !!!:slight_smile: